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If you have trees on your property that require trimming, you might be wondering whether it is the right season to trim your trees. Let us handle your trimming needs. Our tree trimming service will save you the hassle and back-breaking labor. We can save you money because we provide the correct equipment and you won’t need to buy tools or expensive equipment. Call St. Louis Tree Co., we provide tree trimming advice. Our experts are trained to determine the right time to trim your trees. We will save you the hassle of the work involved with tree trimming. We have the proper tools to finish the job on time. We offer competitive prices that will suit your budget.

Why is it important to trim a tree? A tree should remain healthy and green. Trimming away dead and decaying branches should be done twice a year. Depending upon the species of tree, trimming should be done when the tree is dormant during the winter season. It should not be done when the tree is in bloom or flowering. Trim when there is no new growth and there should be no visible buds.

The best time for tree trimming depends upon the climate, region of the country, and the type of tree. Trees grow at different rates. Another factor to consider is how much to trim off the tree.
Trim a tree when it is in the younger years of its lifespan. There is less to trim and the lower branches are easier to reach. Also, the younger the tree the easier the cuts heal.

If the tree has dead branches, they may be trimmed off no matter the season. Test the bark checking under the top layer. If there is green inside, then the tree is still alive. If the layer below the bark is brown or gray, then, the branch is dead and it can be trimmed off at any time of the year. Don’t trim until the time is right for the tree. Determine each type of tree and trim during the correct season for that particular type of tree. If you must trim branches, do so while the tree is young and the branches are no larger than six inches in diameter. Cutting larger branches could cause the tree to begin decaying.

When they are in bloom, fruit trees should not be trimmed. Trim when the trees are dormant from December to mid-February. If you trim them during the summer months, the fruit might not ripen. The fruit will be affected by sun damage. When you are unsure about trimming your trees, call St. Louis Tree Co., we will visit and determine the type of tree and when it is best to trim it. If you have dead branches or trees, call us and we will check the trees and provide a free quote. At St. Louis Tree Co., our tree trimming prices are fair and we stick to our estimate. No surprises, just a guarantee for a job well done.

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