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Tree pruning is necessary to shape a tree. To ensure that your tree receives enough water and light, prune or trim overgrowth off of the tree. Shaping the structure and improving the growth of your trees creates a beautiful landscape and adds to curb appeal. Aggressive pruning will cause poor shaping of the tree. You can prune branches but you cannot add them back onto the tree. Flowering trees and fruit trees should not be pruned or trimmed during the spring and summer seasons when they are in their blossoming stage. Remember to prune when the tree is in a dormant stage. Wait until the later months of summer and into the winter season before you prune or trim these types of trees. Removing dead or diseased branches gives the trees a chance for new growth of buds and flowers. During the spring season, avoid pruning and trimming trees when the trees are budding or in bloom because it is harmful to the tree.

Trees are considered to be dormant when there is no new growth or blossoms and the weather is cold. Avoid pruning integral branches that are important to the shape and structure of the tree. Don’t trim or cut branches that are larger than six inches in diameter because this will cause the tree to begin decaying. This is where the knowledge of our trained staff at St. Louis Tree Co. can help you to determine the type of trees on your property. With our help, we will review each type of tree and tell you what should be pruned and when it is time to trim or prune. Better yet, let us perform this service for you. Give us a call today, we will be happy to schedule a visit and provide a free quote.

Before pruning a tree, make sure you are using the correct tools and equipment. You should use pruning shears or lopping shears to prune your trees. Pruning shears are hand-held and they are generally used for pruning off buds, leaves, and branches. Lopping shears have two longer handles and they are used for pruning longer and thicker branches. You can also use a pruning saw to prune off small branches. Before you prune your trees, identify the type of trees such as a flowering tree or bush. Prune or trim when the tree or bush is small before it reaches the height of one foot. Later as the tree grows taller, do annual pruning to shape the tree.

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If you want to avoid purchasing expensive tools and equipment, call us at St. Louis Tree Co. Tree trimming is performed on a bi-annual basis while tree pruning is done on an annual basis. Relax and enjoy your weekend by using our tree pruning or trimming service. We will save you the labor and expense of pruning and trimming your trees. Using our knowledge, expertise, tools, and equipment, we will save you the hassle, money, and hard work involved with maintaining your trees.

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