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So now that you have cut down those old dead trees, you have been left with ugly old stumps in your yard. What to do with the ugly stumps? Leave them in your yard or have them removed. There are many reasons to have stumps ground and removed. When stumps are left in a yard, they become ugly eyesores. Stumps drain nutrients from the ground and they attract termites and carpenter ants. They pull nutrients away from nearby thriving trees and plants. Sure, it would be a cheaper option to leave the stumps in place. But, do you want old unsightly stumps in your yard? They become safety hazards. If you have young children, they will be running around and tripping over them. Another problem, every time you mow your lawn, you will have to mow and trim around the stumps. More hassle and yard work along with more money spent to maintain your yard. 

Why do all that work when you could remove the stumps and have less work? Wouldn’t it be better to mow nice flat grass instead of mowing around tree stumps? There are both money-saving and practical reasons why you should hire us, at St. Louis Tree Co., to grind out the stumps in your yard.

Think about how much nicer your property will look when the stumps are removed. Once those ugly old stumps are gone, you will have a much more attractive yard. You could put something useful or fun in your yard. Or, maybe you want to plant another tree or a garden and the stumps are in the way. The best option is to have the stumps removed. At St. Louis Tree Co., we know what you need and we will be happy to come to your home and look at the stumps cluttering your yard. We will provide a free quote that includes a stump grinding and removal plan.

Stump Removal Company St. Louis
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Here is another cost-saving idea, instead of spending a lot of money on equipment and tools, hire St. Louis Tree Co. to do the stump grinding and stump removal. More than likely you will be able to rent the equipment. However, stump grinding takes experience and know-how to properly and safely use the tools and equipment. Besides, you will need help to finish the job which will cost more money. In the long run, hiring St. Louis Tree Co. will save you money and the job will be done much quicker. We will save you hours of back-breaking labor. We have the equipment and the knowledge about stump grinding that will save you a lot of hassle. We do quality work, save you money, and provide a guarantee that you will be satisfied once the stump grinding job is done. Call St. Louis Tree Co. today, you will be glad that you made the call to take the steps to improve your yard by removing old unwanted stumps. Your property value will be improved and your yard will again be beautiful.

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