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At St. Louis Tree Co., skillful tree service is what we are all about. We provide tree services that include tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, stump grinding/removal, and emergency tree service.
Our goal is to provide quality tree removal service to the St. Louis area and surrounding regions. Many satisfied customers have received exemplary service to safely remove unwanted trees, branches, bushes, and stumps. During a storm and afterward, we provide quick emergency service. During all seasons, in all types of weather, our trained staff is there to serve your needs. Our level of quality work will exceed your expectations. Don’t do the heavy lifting removing fallen branches, let us do it for you.

We have the equipment and experience that is necessary to handle small and large tree removal jobs. Safety and quality work are important to you and us. To keep your family and property safe from harm, call St. Louis Tree Co. to safely remove your unwanted decaying trees. Call us today for your free quote and tree inspection. Our St. Louis tree service team is knowledgeable, prompt, courteous, professional, and efficient. Let our tree service team be your guide to safe tree removal. We will show you how to replant trees so that the roots will not grow into your home’s foundation. For prompt expert and efficient tree service in St. Louis, call St. Louis Tree Co. today.

Tree trimming and pruning:

Unhealthy diseased trees, overgrowth, broken branches are all signs that your trees need trimming. We will remove dead branches to prevent further damage to your trees and property. We provide tree inspection service. Our trained technician will review your trees to determine the extent of disease and damage. We will provide consultation services regarding options for trimming, removal, and replanting costs. During the winter season, for some species of trees, trimming trees is the optimal time. There are no leaves to clean up and the cuts heal faster. Bud growth is increased and there is healthy plumage when springtime arrives. There is less tree sap during the winter season. However, before you trim call us to determine when a particular species of tree should be trimmed. At St. Louis Tree Co. our tree service teams are knowledgeable about trees and when they should be trimmed. Call us today for your free quote.

Tree cutting and tree removal:

Trees are beautiful and they provide cool shade during hot summer days. But, they do not live forever. Eventually, they start decaying and dropping branches. If your trees are dead or dying, call on us to provide expert advice about when it is time to cut them or to remove them. If your trees are constantly dropping small and large branches, it may be time to trim or cut the trees. This is the opportune time to assess your trees for disease and decay. Maintaining trees is important with regard to the lifespan of the trees. Poorly maintained trees result in leaning trees and overgrowth. During strong wind and lightning storms, leaning trees with weakened branches present a hazard. Over time, especially with old diseased trees, the tree structure weakens. It is only a matter of time before the tree becomes a problem. Strong winds cause weak branches to fall on roofs and power lines causing huge problems. Call us for a free quote. We will visit your property to review the situation, look for obstacles that hamper tree removal, and provide options to safely remove unwanted trees and shrubbery.

St. Louis Tree Co. wants to be your “go-to” tree company in St. Louis.  Call us today to set up an appointment!

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Stump grinding/removal:

If you have ugly stumps in your yard, call us for a free quote from our stump grinding and removal experts. Why suffer from unsightly stumps in your yard? Our competitive tree service pricing fits any budget. If you have young children that run and play in your yard, stumps present a tripping hazard. Let your children freely play without tripping over an ugly tree stump. Without stumps taking up space, your yard will be more attractive.
Remove ugly stumps to increase your property value and your home’s curb appeal.

Emergency tree service:

Another seasonal change is upon us which usually brings storms and high winds blowing through your yard and trees. Broken branches fall on houses, cars, break windows, disrupt utility services, and cause expensive damage to your property. Let us be your emergency tree removal service. Call St. Louis Tree Co. today for your free quote to remove weakened trees that present a danger during high wind storms. During times of emergency, let us be of service to you.

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