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St. Louis Tree Co. is the premier provider of tree service St. Louis.  We offer a full line of tree services including tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding/removal, and emergency tree services.  Call us today to get a FREE estimate.

Tree Removal

Tree Service St. Louis

Tree Removal may be our most popular service.  We remove trees of all sizes.  From giant oak trees to small “baby” trees, we can handle it all.  Safety is priority one when it comes to tree removal, and at St. Louis Tree Co. you can rest easy knowing that we use the latest and greatest safety techniques when performing tree removal St. Louis.  Our trained experts will make sure you, your family, and all of your prized possessions are in safe hands when we take your trees down.

Tree Trimming

Tree Service in St. Louis, Missouri

It is very important to take care of all of the beautiful trees on your property.  We help homeowners and business owners keep their trees healthy and looking great.  Tree limbs that are allowed to grow out of control can become a safety hazard as well as an eye sore.  Power lines often become entangled in tree limbs and this can only lead to disaster.  Let our highly trained arborists tackle all of your tree trimming needs in the St. Louis area.

Emergency Tree Service

Tree Service in St. Louis

Is there a tree stump on your property that is just getting in the way?  We provide stump grinding service in the St. Louis area.  Stump removal is a very labor intensive job and expertise is key to removing that stump properly.  Our technicians will remove that ugly stump and we won’t drain your wallet in the process.  We remove stumps of all sizes and you can rest easy knowing that we do it the right way.  Trust St. Louis Tree Co. to be your go-to stump removal company.

Looking For a Tree Service St. Louis?

Do you need a reliable, professional tree service St. Louis?  Look no further than St. Louis Tree Co. We are your one-stop-shop for tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, stump grinding/removal, and emergency tree service. We are reputable, reliable, certified, insured, and knowledgeable about tree removal services. We have seen all types of tree problems and we quickly respond to emergency tree service calls. Rest assured we will be there when you need us. At St. Louis Tree Co., we know about scary emergencies, such as storm damage and downed trees blocking your driveway or road. Don’t panic, call on us and we will be there to provide the emergency tree service St. Louis should expect and deserves. 

We are an experienced tree service company that has “weathered” all types of storms and wind damage situations. Our satisfied customers know that we provide top-notch tree service. Our reputation is based upon our quality work. St. Louis Tree Co. provides a satisfaction guarantee that is backed by years of outstanding work and expedient service to the St. Louis community. Our valued tree service skills and hard work have earned us praise and numerous recommendations from surrounding communities.  You will be hard pressed to find a tree service in St. Louis that provides the level of service we deliver.

5 Reasons to Use St. Louis Tree Co. - Tree Service

1) Outstanding tree service to the community.

2) Quality tree care work that is backed by a guarantee.  We may not be the cheapest tree service in St. Louis, but our prices are very competitive.

3) We have many years of reputable tree service St. Louis! Experience is our strong suit.

4) We have a solid Better Business Bureau rating.

5) Our emergency tree removal service has been recommended by many satisfied customers. Hire St. Louis Tree Co. and we will be there to provide expert tree service. Ask about our free quote. We know what it takes to provide quality tree service to a large community like St. Louis. It takes hard work, reliability, dedication, and willingness to go above and beyond the customer’s expectations to provide the best tree service in St. Louis possible. We stick to our quote and we explain the details involved with the job. There are no hidden costs or surprises. We stake our reputation upon our guarantee for a quality job at a fair price. When the job is done, you will be more than satisfied. 

We have many repeat customers who have used our tree service. If you need one, they are willing to give a recommendation and a reference. Call our office at St. Louis Tree Co. and ask for a free quote and a tree removal inspection. We will visit to review your trees to see what the job entails. If it is an emergency, call us immediately and we will be at your disposal to provide excellent emergency tree service in St. Louis. Call us today, you will be glad that you did. We are here to offer the best tree service to the St. Louis community.

Stump Grinding Company St. Louis

Download our FREE Tree Removal St. Louis Guide

Parting is always such sweet sorrow.  However, you need to know the tell tell signs for when its time to say goodbye to that old tree.  Download our FREE Tree Removal Guide for some great tree removal advice.

Our goal is not just to cut down and remove trees. We want to help provide an eco-friendly community that is green and beautiful. That means providing knowledgeable advice about healthy tree planting. We can help you if you want to safely replant and tell you about protecting your home and foundation from overgrown trees and vegetation. We want to prevent tree roots from growing into your home’s foundation. 

Our staff knows about landscaping, trees, and vegetation and how it should be placed to give your home and property warm and inviting curb appeal. With the right placement, your trees and shrubbery will not look overgrown and out-of-place. Instead, they will enhance your home’s beauty. Who doesn’t like to drive by a home with a beautiful exterior and well-placed trees and shrubs? We can help you to remove unsightly overgrown and miss-placed trees and bushes. We will immediately improve the property value of your home or business property. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results.  You will be more than pleased with our tree service St. Louis

No more will you worry about a tree falling on your home, garage, or fence causing unnecessary damage. Removing dangerous dead trees and replacing them with well-planted new ones will vastly improve your property value. Removal of dangerous or poorly placed trees with roots that have grown out of control is what you need to do to improve your situation. If you need more light for your home, call us today. We provide fast tree trimming and tree pruning service. 

A Full Line of Tree Services in St. Louis

We also provide branch removal and branch trimming service. Let us do the heavy work with the right tools and expert tree service. Our expert staff can advise you about what you need to do to remove and replant. Do you have unwanted stumps in your yard? Hire St. Louis Tree Co. today, using our stump grinding service. we will quickly remove those ugly stumps. 

We have the necessary equipment and experience to safely remove huge stumps from your yard. Think of the possibilities once those old decaying trees and stumps are removed from your property. You will be free to redesign your yard and experience a whole new appearance to it. Now is the time to call to utilize our years of expert tree service experience.

Let our trained staff provide a free quote and tree evaluation and inspection. We will evaluate the trees on your property to ensure that they are in good shape. Quality work and safety are our top priorities.

Our tree service teams are expertly trained and well-equipped with the tools and equipment for all types of tree service jobs. Large or small, we get the job done on time and within budget. We are ready for hire, whatever your needs, we are here for you. We know trees and what it takes to quickly finish the job! St. Louis Tree Co., is ready to serve you and to safely remove your trees. Our tree service is available in the greater St. Louis area providing expert tree service for tree removal, stump grinding/removal, tree trimming, and tree pruning for large and small jobs. Call St. Louis Tree Co. today, here for you, we are the best tree service in the St. Louis area and surrounding regions and our reputation proves it. For tree service St. Louis, accept no substitute.

We also offer 24/7 Emergency Service.  Let St. Louis Tree Co. be your tree emergency response team!

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